31 March 2010

Laying Down Our Lives

March 11, 2010
“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our Brothers.”
1 John 3:16

Jesus’ loved us to the end, giving up His life in order that we might have life---abundant life. Now as His followers we must walk in His footsteps and live a life of love. We are to love each other as Christ has loved us; not looking to our own interests, but to the interests of others. I suppose it might be a distant thought in all of our minds that perhaps if the opportunity ever presented itself (which we are positive it never would), we would certainly lay down our lives for a fellow Believer. I am left with a question that nags at my soul. What am I doing today? Yes, maybe someday I might be in a position to physically lay down my life for a fellow Believer, but how am I “laying my life down” for my Brothers today?

Am I pouring my heart out in prayer for my fellow Believers? Do I help and serve at church? Do I bear the burdens of my fellow Christians? Do I reach out to Believers who are hurting, struggling, and weary? Am I interested in the lives of others? Do I sacrifice anything/everything in order to serve my Brothers and Sisters in Christ?

Am I laying my life down for my fellow Believers?


“Christ is faithful as a Son over God’s house. And we are His house, if we hold on to our courage and the hope of which we boast…encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today…”
--Hebrews 3:6,13

Courage is not the absence of fear but a resolve to face fear; a courageous person is not someone who is not afraid, but someone who resolves to act upon their convictions in spite of fear. God has not called us to live comfortable and safe lives, but He has called us to be people who take risks for His glory, standing up for our faith amidst opposition. Believers must have courage to stand up against fear, hope to press on amidst doubt, joy to smile in sorrow, and dependence upon God to be the supplier of all our needs. Not only are we called to be courageous people who risk all for Christ we are also to be encouragers to other Believers. We must be giving each other courage to stand. When a Brother or Sister is weak and fearful, Believers must stand strong and give the ones who are weak courage to stand. Always be recalling to mind and reminding each other of the cross of Christ. The cross is where we will receive all we need to live for the Lord. At the cross we will find the courage to face all that God has in store for us.

28 March 2010

Do not fear

Do not fear when the waves are crashing, when the wind is howling, and your heart is thudding. Do not be afraid when all within you doubts and longs to seek security and ease. Do not fear because Jesus is with you right by your side, holding your hand. Run hard, fight relentlessly, gaze upon Jesus, and do not fear. When all within you says be afraid---do not fear, but trust because the one who holds your heart will not leave you alone. Do not fear.

18 March 2010

Midgett Adventures~ #37 How to Begin

March 12, 2010

How do you begin your day? Each day seems a little different for me depending on what watch I have, but I love starting my day with a hot cup of coffee. Mornings just do not seem the same without a cup of coffee, so it is my tradition to fix myself a cup and then officially start my day.

However a more important question remains. How do we begin our day so as to be ready to fight the battle of faith? We must preach the Gospel to ourselves for indeed it is the power of God---not only for unbelievers, but for Believers too! Our hearts will never be prepared to fight hard unless we are fixed and rooted on Christ. The cross must always be before us if we are to live cross-centered lives. A moment must not pass that we are not aware that it is by God’s grace alone that we are saved and that we stand before Him not of any merit in ourselves, but solely because Christ’s work on our behalf.

Do not face a day without preparing to face it with the Gospel fresh in your minds and fully embraced with your heart.

Midgett Adventures~ #36 Turning the World Upside Down

March 11, 2010

I am struck by what half-hearted people we are today. We are either living in anticipation of tomorrow or trapped revisiting yesterday; never do we seem to live completely in the present. We idolize our weekends and dread work days. We spend our free time sleeping, watching TV, playing on the computer, or doing other mindless activities. We avoid difficulties and challenges like the plague, seeking comfort, security, and ease in our daily lives. We daydream about retirement, but never seem to daydream about heaven. We buy animals and then regret buying them; we purchase items and then grow tired of them; we plan extravagant vacations and then bicker during them; we make commitments and then go back on them; we start serving in church and then become burned out from serving; we go to college and only do enough homework to get by; we look for friends that will gratify our needs; and we do almost everything in our lives to please ourselves and that keeps us from exerting too much energy in the process.

However this is all superfluous when we dig deeper and find out what the root cause of our half-heartedness is. Is it not accurate to say that our daily lives are so half-hearted because our daily walk with the Lord is half-hearted? I think so. We were created for a purpose and that purpose is to glorify God with our lives. We do this by enjoying Him and making much of Him by the way we live. So many Christians today are living self-centered lives instead of living cross-centered lives. We do not live wholeheartedly unto the Lord, hence the reason why we are such half-hearted creatures. God is not our greatest treasure and pleasure in life---no wonder we are such pitiful, wimpy people. What is our problem? We have forgotten what is real. We think that this life offers us the things that will make us happy, all the while not realizing that this life is but a vapor that will soon be past. Our view of God is distorted by our sin.

My question is if we found out that this moment---right now---is the very last moment we have to live, how would we live it? Would it make a difference in our lives if we only had one more moment to live? Perhaps we would realize what is truly important and throw ourselves wholeheartedly in living out that last moment?

God has challenged me to live each moment as if it was my last moment. I know I need this challenge because I find it so easy to slip into the wrong thinking that I am going to be on this earth forever. When I think this way, I do not live fully for the Lord because I think I have time and can wait until later to serve Him, I’ll start spending more time with Him when I am not working on this project, or I’ll go to church when I am older. I place God off to the side, all the while the few moments I have on this earth quickly speed away.

Lovers of Christ, we must realize and come to grips with the fact that we are dying people, living in a dying world that has no hope. We have hope in Jesus Christ and we must be sharing the hope we have with those around us! In a whisper all that we see will fade away and the opportunities God has given us here on this earth to share His love will be past. Do not live in the future and do not dwell in the past, but live fully in the present, making much of Christ with everything that is in you.

So I will live as a dying person, I will take each breath as though I were taking my dying breath, I will work as though I will never work again, I will sing to the Lord as though I will never sing to Him another song on this earth, I will pray as though I am praying my last prayer on earth, and I will live wholeheartedly for the Lord with the moments God has given me. Will I fail? Yes, but God will remain faithful.

Remember we will never live fully unless we live as dying people, throwing ourselves wholeheartedly into the work of the Lord.

So will you too live as dying people? Will you fight sin as if you’ll never fight it again, will you run hard toward the goal as a runner who is running his last lap? Pastors will you preach as though you will never preach again? Missionaries will you serve and proclaim Christ as though you will never do so again on this earth? Children will you obey your parents as though you will never have the chance to obey them again? Parents will you love your children, hold them, care for them, talk to them as though you will never do so again in this world? Teachers will you teach as though you will never teach again? Christians will speak as though you are speaking your last words? If this characterized our lives as Believers, would the world not be turned upside down in complete and utter shock and confusion, resulting in an awe for the God we serve who has given us such a living hope?

Midgett Adventures~#35 Watch

March 3, 2010

Another busy day down…I think I keep making my bed time earlier and earlier. I used to think ten was a good time to call it a night, but now six is sounding like a good time to hit the hay (seriously!); I must be getting old or something(-:

Today I had watch from 1200-1600. It was such a beautiful day with the sun shining. It was not too cold and the breeze felt really good. We have left the calm waters of the Puget behind us and are heading out into the straights. So we have picked up some rolling and rocking today that we are not used to. I was keeping an especially sharp eye out for whales. I guess one of the lookouts saw some today, but I did not end up spotting any. I had fun looking out for them though.

Let’s see, what else did I do today? I got my laundry done, helped do some inventory, finished up making a slide show of my journey so far, and some other little things here and there. God continually teaches me to rely upon Him for strength for each day and He truly is my strength.

05 March 2010

Midgett Adventures~ #34 Weary Pilgrim

(Here is a story to encourage weary hearts)

Thick mists of darkness rested heavy in the valley, adorned only by a lonely path, which continued to dip lower into darkness. A weary traveler trudged along quietly; his eyes filled with pain and unspeakable anguish. His shoes appeared ragged and worn, his clothes were threadbare, and the marks of suffering scarred his heart. Obviously he seemed to be in search of something, but the length of his journey and the bitterness of pain had snatched the spring from his step, the light from his eyes, and the joy from his heart.

Sitting down on a small bolder, the man lowered his head and closed his eyes. The glorious city---his home---seemed out of reach. Oh, the stories he had heard, and longed to believe about the city of the Lamb, but the darkness seemed too thick, the road too long, and his heart too weary to continue on to his destination. Hunger and thirst filled his being, but he ignored the pangs of his soul and shut his eyes to the light. He was a pilgrim, but it was too hard, he was too tired, and his soul was too overcome by despair.

At that exact moment of soul darkness, the lonely man heard approaching steps. He looked up and found that another traveler dressed in worn clothes was coming down the path. Something was different about him though---something about the intensity of his gaze or maybe the sincerity of warmth the weary traveler felt from the man’s heart.

“Fellow Traveler, how is your journey so far?” The man asked the weary traveler, stopping at the small bolder.

“Good, but it is not as I imagined it to be.” He replied simply.

“The road is difficult, isn’t it?”

“Yes, very difficult and dreary.” The weary traveler sighed and peered down at his worn shoes.

“True,” The man sat down on another bolder. “But does the goal, which brought you to walk down this path not burn in your heart, causing you to see that which is unseen?”

“I suppose, but darkness rests in my soul and has pushed out all the joy I once possessed. I no longer can see the goal of this road and I am simply to weary to continue on. My lot is a difficult one and this road is too hard.”

The man shook his head. “Did you expect this road to be easy? Did you not know that for you to enjoy true life you would be required to daily die to self? If you want an easy path, there are plenty to choose from, but if you want what will last then don’t let the difficulties you experience now deter you from the joy that will be yours in such a short time.”

The weary traveler nodded. “I know what you say is true, but it still does not help me feel any better about my weary heart or the awfulness of this lonely path.”

“Do feelings matter?” The man prodded. “If you wait until you feel good about walking down this path you will never make it to the glorious city of the Lamb. Don’t think of how you feel---think of the Lamb. Don’t sit wallowing in weariness---get up and begin walking again and the Lamb will strengthen your weary heart. Laziness will keep you in darkness as long as it can, but diligence to seek the Lamb will be like the light of the sunrise to your soul. Open your map---the Word of the Lamb---and light will spill over the path (though only enough light for each new step).”

The traveler pondered the wise words of the man before him. “You are right.” His heart still lingered in sadness.

“Perhaps you have forgotten what is real, my Friend,” The man’s voice was firm with conviction yet also filled with compassion. “This world is but a whisper---a shadow---but what lays ahead down this road is real and true and better than anything else you have ever known. Go forth now and be about the work the Lamb has assigned you. Walk the path, rejoice through darkness, sing in the valleys, enjoy the mountain peaks, help the weary, come along the broken, fix your eyes on the Lamb, think of Him lest you sit here forever until it is too late. If you are a true pilgrim you will carry on because the Lamb won’t let you go.”

Midgett Adventures~ #33 Watch

March 3, 2010

Another busy day down…I think I keep making my bed time earlier and earlier. I used to think ten was a good time to call it a night, but now six is sounding like a good time to hit the hay (seriously!); I must be getting old or something(-:

Today I had watch from 1200-1600. It was such a beautiful day with the sun shining. It was not too cold and the breeze felt really good. We have left the calm waters of the Puget behind us and are heading out into the straights. So we have picked up some rolling and rocking today that we are not used to. I was keeping an especially sharp eye out for whales. I guess one of the lookouts saw some today, but I did not end up spotting any. I had fun looking out for them though.

Let’s see, what else did I do today? Ii got my laundry done, helped do some inventory, finished up making a slideshow of my journey so far, and some other little things here and there. God continually teaches me to rely upon Him for strength for each day and He truly is my strength.

Midgett Adventures~ #32 Another Weekend

February 27, 2010

Another weekend has arrived, and I am enjoying some down time. I talked to my family in New Mexico and to my little brother Luke who is in Texas right now. I miss them all so much, and find that life is just not the same without them. God is so gracious though to me and supplies me with strength and comfort to get through each day. He gives us just what we need when we need it---not always what we think we need, mind you.

He places us in darkness to shine forth His light. He takes us up steep mountain trails and shows us our great weaknesses in order for us to see His power at work in our lives. He strips us of earthly treasures that hold no eternal significance so that we can know Him---the only treasure worth having.

Midgett Advenutures~#31 Bravo Fire

February 26, 2010

Yesterday was a very busy and full day from morning till night. A great deal of the morning seemed to be spent boat lowering and painting different projects. We also had an all-hands drill. I started plotting for the first time, which means I was the one who took roll call and then kept track of everything that was going on. We have a book board that has a diagram of the boat on it and I write on it where the casualty is and where the fire boundaries are and so on. I had fun but was glad to have the usual plotter there to help me.

Later after lunch we moored up to offload sewage and trash. We spent a couple hours at the pier and then set off again once dinner was over. Then it was time for me to go on watch up on the lookout. Since we had been moored up I did not have to stand most of my watch and only had an hour left before I would be relieved. I noticed a whole lot of smoke coming out of our port stack and thought it was a little unusual. So I reported it down to the Bridge, but did not think much of it. I got of watch and was all settled in bed a half hour or so later when the general emergency alarm was sounded. I jumped out of bed and threw on my clothes and made my way to repair locker two. Everyone was very calm but very serious as we manned up and prepared to battle it out. Things went well and the fire was out in no time. My locker was all ready in no time. The fire team was dressed out, the investigators had done their jobs, the boundaries were set, I took muster, and things went rather smoothly.

The worst that came of the whole ordeal was that one of the boatswains mates crushed his finder in a door and had to be taken to a hospital because it was a compound fracture. God certainly was with us, protecting us the whole time even if most of them would never give Him glory. It was an exciting evening to say the least.

Midgett Adventures~ #30 Sunrise

February 23, 2010

I think some of my most favorite moments in a day are in the mornings right before boat lowering. I usually get to the main deck first; fifteen minutes before we lower the boats. As I wait for everyone else to show up, I stand out on the deck drinking my cup of coffee, watching the sunrise over the Canadian mountains. It is a breathtaking sight to watch the sun glisten over the water, making it look like we are sailing on gold. But the reason this is my favorite is because in those few quite moments I enjoy God by gazing at His handiwork, which fills my heart with praise to Him. He is so great and His name is majestic! The heavens truly do declare His glory and point back to Him.

Midgett Adventures~ #29 Thoughts

February 21, 2010

Another Sunday has marked the beginning of a new week for me on the Midgett. This patrol is soon coming to a close and before I know it I’ll be back in Seattle for a while. I am excited and looking forward to it.

Oh how God blessed me with another amazing day. I got to sleep in (till 8am!), read in my Bible and in Packer’s book Knowing God (excellent book by the way!), went to church and listened to a great message on prayer, talked to my family, and now I am sitting in my rack relaxing and writing down my thoughts.

As I have been making my way through Packers book, the Holy Spirit has been convicting my heart with how little and small my thoughts are of God when instead they should be great because He is great. I do not give Him the honor and glory He deserves, but treat Him as if He were a god of my own making---small to make it more convenient for Him to fit in my box. Wretched sinner that I am to think such God belittling thoughts; but blessed be the Lord Jesus that He has saved me! So my prayer today has been for the Holy Spirit to teach me to think right thoughts of God.

Midgett Adventures~ #28 Not I but Christ

February 20, 2010

So I had another interesting/good conversation with one of my fellow Coasties on board the Midgett after dinner tonight. God continues to bring opportunities my way to share my faith, and lately it starts with them talking about how “good” I am. Well this certain friend of mine was going on about me having a “heart of gold”, but that most everyone else on the boat is crazy and you got to watch out for them and he went on about that for a while(this friend of mine is a real talker so it is hard to get a word in edge wise) . I felt so powerless to know what and how to share anything at all with him about my faith in Jesus Christ. I cried out to the Holy Spirit, “Oh give me words to speak to share my faith---to share Jesus.” The Holy Spirit graciously gave me an opportunity and the words to say at one point in the conversation. He was talking again about me being so good and I looked at him and said, “You wanna know why I am good? It’s not me, it’s Christ. I am no better than anyone else. It is Christ who makes me different.” I could and wish I had said so much more, but I know the Holy Spirit will continue to teach me what to say and when to say it and how to say it. He is my comforter and counselor.

So I praise God for these opportunities to share Him and I continue to pray that the those around me would not just see a “good person” but that they would see Christ. Pray for me that I would boldly proclaim the love of Him who has saved me and share the good news that has set me free.

Midgett Adventures~ #27 The Missing Link

February 19, 2010

The Missing Link

Of late Hudson Taylor’s life, but more specifically his day-by-day walk with the Lord has challenged me greatly. This man who gave himself for the lost souls of China was dedicated to his God in a way not many Christians are today. He was a cross-bearing man who “counted all things as loss, compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus our Lord” (Philippians 3:7). I also want to follow Hudson’s example and be completely and wholeheartedly committed to my God and serving Him. I want to take up my cross and follow Jesus and that is the daily battle I face as a warrior of the faith and soldier of the cross.

This leads me to wonder why there are so few Believers who also long to be like Hudson and live for God as He did. I have felt so confused because I see plenty of professing Believers who can talk up a storm about God and sound so sincere and genuine and in part they are, but then I watch them live their lives and things do not match up. It is as though God gets Sunday (just the morning mind you) and as long as He gets His hour or two at church then the rest of the week is theirs. Why do so many claim Christ as their Savior but so few obey Him as their Lord? And what has happened to cross-bearing men and women who will give all willingly, eagerly, and happily for the sake of Jesus’ name?

So I have been contemplating and mulling over these questions for the past several weeks, but today I believe I have an answer though perhaps just in part. I started a new book, which is actually an old one that I read back when I was thirteen---Knowing God by J. I. Packer. Oh, how it is full of rich teaching and instruction for Lovers of Christ! In it, I believe I have found my answer to why so many professing Believers who seem to be genuine Christians live such powerless lives and have so little passion for God’s glory. Packer starts his book by delving into the topic of knowing God and makes the quick distinction that there is a difference between knowing about God and actually knowing God. I believe that Christians today know a lot about God, but they do not know God. They fill their minds with knowledge but their hearts are empty of true fellowship with the Almighty One.

How little we think God is that we fit Him into the mold we want Him to be instead of trembling in His presence that He would even draw near to us. For surely that is what it is, not that we are drawing near to God, but that He has come to us and befriended us. Oh, let us stop knowing Christ through other peoples experiences and actually know Him ourselves---daily walking with the Lord as we spend time pouring over His Word and treasuring it in our hearts (yes there is a difference between reading and treasuring), momentarily lifting our souls up to God in humble prayer, exalting His name on high, and rejoicing in who He is.

So this is my challenge for all Believers, a challenge I have first of all been challenged with myself, know your God and do not just know about Him. Do not let a day go by that you are not in the presence of the LORD. He is always with us---His presence, He has promised us---but are we living our lives with Him?

Midgett Adventures~ #26 The Fingerprints of God

February 18, 2010

This morning I had lookout watch from 6am-8am, and had the most wonderful joy of seeing the sunrise. How incredibly beautiful it was to watch the dark sky turn lovely shades of pink, orange, and red as the sun slowly climbed over the distant mountain tops. The most amazing thing about it though was that I did not just watch the sun rise but that I saw God’s beauty and work displayed through His creation. So many people on this boat maybe would have enjoyed it and agreed that it was a beautiful sunrise but they would miss the best part that it is the Lord’s handiwork being displayed. Only by God’s grace is my perspective so different from those around me. I am nothing special…no, the Lord is gracious and compassionate in saving me and drawing me close to Himself. What a work God has done in my life---I will never be the same. I look around this world now and all I can see is the fingerprints of God.

Midgett Adventures~ #25 The Cross

February 18, 2010

“There is a needs-be for us to give ourselves for the life of the world. An easy, non-self-denying life will never be one of power. Fruit-bearing involves cross-bearing. There are not two Christs---an easy-going one for easy-going Christians, and a suffering, toiling one for exceptional believers. There is only one Christ. Are you willing to abide in Him, and thus to bear much fruit.”
--Hudson Taylor

Why is it that when it comes to receiving salvation and blessings from the Lord that we are pushing and shoving our way to get first in line; and yet, when the same Lord who bestows us with such gifts calls us to suffer and count the cost for following after Him we drag our feet and look for a way out? We are a society who has mastered the art of making excuses and justifying our actions. We would much rather serve a Jesus of our own making. This is why our lives are so empty and so powerless as Believers because we call on Jesus as Savior, but refuse to submit to Him as Lord.

Hudson Taylor hit the nail on the head by saying there is not two Christs. If we want lives that reflect the Lord and are bearing much fruit we must take up our cross’ and follow after Jesus down a road filled with suffering and toil. There is no such thing as an ordinary Christian and an extraordinary Christian. You either take up your cross and follow Jesus or you don’t. You cannot be Christ’s disciple unless you deny yourself and take up your cross daily and follow Him---there is no other way. Salvation is free but it will cost you everything in this life, but you will gain the riches that are in Christ Jesus that far outweigh anything you could gain on this earth.

Let Hudson’s words sink deep into your soul and pierce through your heart. Do not just brush them aside and think that you will have time to go over it later. Now is the time to act and choose whom you shall serve. As for me, I will serve the Lord---taking up my cross, I will follow Him down suffering’s road. I know my strength will fail, but He will not fail me; my love will sputter, but His love will burn strong; and my faith will dwindle, but He will remain ever faithful---so I press on trusting Him to keep me close to His heart.

Midgett Advenutres~ #24 Know Christ

February 16, 2010

The past couple days I have thoroughly enjoyed rereading Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret. The book truly challenges and encourages my heart as it causes me to think deeply about my walk with the Lord. Hudson was a man who knew his God and loved Him. Christ was most precious to his heart, which is why he spent his life serving the Lord in China, enduring suffering and trials that I have never even imagined undergoing. His passion was fueled by God’s great love and faithfulness in saving sinners and bringing them into His awesome presence to know Him. Hudson’s life was real and full of spiritual blessing because his eyes were fixed upon that which is unseen.

How much I think we miss as we live our lives upon this earth grasping for all we can fit in our hands yet caring so little for what is truly important. We are content to make Christ a part of our lives, but we do not realize that He is not content to being just another trophy on our wall---He must be our life. All our energy, strength, time, passion, and zeal must be used to glorify His name. Our hearts are so often empty and wanting because we do not turn to the Lover of our soul to fill them. Instead we search for joy in all the wrong things and all the wrong places when Christ stands by calling to our hearts to find rest in Him. We shrug Him off though with excuses: I’ll get more serious about my faith when I am older, I just want to have fun, Jesus is boring, etc. We buy into Satan’s lies and step farther and farther away from the Cross.

I plead and urge you, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, not to linger any longer from His presence. You are missing the very best and your lives are becoming empty because you are pursuing that which is empty. Oh, run after Christ! Treasure Him and know Him! He is the only One who can satisfy your hearts.

Midgett Adventures~ #23 The Promise

February 15, 2010

“We did not come to China because missionary work here was either safe or easy, but because He had called us. We did not enter upon our present positions under a guarantee of human protection, but relying on the promise of His presence.”
--Hudson Taylor

How often we limit our service to the Almighty God by making life decisions based off fear or discomfort. We reason to ourselves that we surely cannot do such and such a work or go to such and such a place because we may be placing our families and ourselves in harms way. God surely would not want us to do something that would take us away from the amenities (oops…necessities!) of life that we are so accustomed to. We long to have the vibrant, genuine relationship with the Lord that we read so much about in missionary biographies and in books about the saints of old, but we are unwilling to leave the warm fireside at home and go out into the darkness in order to spread the light of the Gospel. When given the choice, we would rather dabble in temporary pleasures and comforts instead of being spent for something that will not fade away.

This is the pitfall, we all must be careful of because it is so easy to seek comfort and safety and avoid pain and heartache. Who in their right mind would go to China, leaving family and friends (not to mention the promise of a successful medical career) behind knowing you may never return or see them again upon this earth? Who would delight in spending the best years of his life in a foreign land, spending strength and health on a work that at times seemed to be unraveling at the seams, laying children and Beloved in the earth for the sake of the ministry, and sending his surviving children back home to not see them for years at times? Hudson Taylor did all this and more, not because he had some fascination for suffering or hardship, but because He loved Christ and willingly followed Him to the ends of the earth. He knew, believed, and acted upon the confidence that this life is not all there is, but that something so much greater is yet to come. He heard and felt the cries of the lost souls in China and layed all on the alter to take them the Gospel. Was He crazy? Did he have a death wish? Did he care so little for his family? Only God knows the depth of his sorrow, the tears he shed as he watched his wife and little ones slip away, the heartache he felt as he looked at a photograph of his children who were London, wishing he could be with them, or how his heart yearned to comfort the other missionaries he was leading as they walked through deep darkness and difficult trials.

This man of God had not come to China because it would be easy or painless. He knew the cost would be great, but he was committed to following Christ wherever He would lead him. He did not press on because he knew he would be protected from harm or that his family would not face danger, but he pressed on because he knew and believed that God would always be with him and would never leave or forsake him.

And should this not be how we live our lives? Following hard after Christ is not safe nor is it comfortable and any who think it is or should be are greatly mistaken. Christ did not come into the world to bring peace but a sword---He has sent us out like sheep among wolves. We will face hardship and difficulty---we have been promised persecution. But another promise shines forth, giving strength and endurance to all lovers of Christ who follow Him no matter what and that is the promise of His presence: Immanuel---God with us. He will never leave us nor forsake us; He is always with us and in this, we should press on, basing our every decision off this promise and not our fear.

Midgett Adventures~ #22 Follow Christ

February 14, 2010

“In these days of easy going Christianity, is it not well to remind ourselves that it really does cost to be a man or woman whom God can use? One cannot obtain a Christlike character for nothing; one cannot do a Christlike work save at a great price.”

--Hudson Taylor

Taylor’s words burn within my soul and resound within my heart as I wholeheartedly agree with his convictions, which he wrote down so many years ago. The truth they held in his time is also the same today as I fear many Believers live halfhearted lives, enamored with the things of this world and willing to delay total commitment to Christ until they are older and have had their fun. Do not delay and wait to serve Christ until you are older; do not fall into such a mentality for surely you will continue to push it off and be ensnared by worldly treasures. Only Christ will satisfy the heart; only Christ will fill the void in our lives.

But do not think you can come to Him halfheartedly and be filled. Do not think you can come into His glorious, awesome presence, bringing the earthly things you so fiercely cling to. God will fill your heart, He will satisfy your soul, He will make you a new creation, but you must come to Him empty and broken. You cannot serve both God and whatever else you are clinging to of this world. If you want true joy, you must turn away from fleshly pleasure. Yes, salvation is free, but it will cost you everything…perhaps such a statement seems contradictory but it is true.

Those who have tasted of the cost can testify to the pain and hardship Believers will face as they follow Christ, but they will also tell you of the incomprehensible joy and delight they receive from following after Christ forsaking all for the sake of His name. You will give up temporary pleasure but gain eternal joy by forsaking all to follow Jesus. To such a life, we have been called, to serve Christ and give up all. We are warriors of the faith…let us not back down from such a noble and glorious calling.

Midgett Adventures~#21 Sunday Morning

February 14, 2010

I have been thoroughly enjoying my Sunday morning so far. I slept in to 7ish and then got up, worked out at the gym, ate breakfast, did some reading & writing, and later after lunch I’ll be going to church. It is nice just having some down time to be able to relax and do some good thinking.

I have been working on memorization again---finally after such a long time! I have Romans one rememorized and I am going to move on to chapter two next. It has been good to practice this spiritual discipline again…something a should have been doing a long time ago.

Yesterday afternoon and evening, I had my first helm and lookout watch as a qualified watch stander. I was nervous at first, but it all went smoothly. How nice it is to finally be qualified! God has graciously upheld and strengthened me through this whole difficult process…Praise His name!

Midgett Adventures~ #20 Losing Track

February 12, 2010

I think I have nearly lost all track of time and days out here in the deep. Looking back over this week, I feel like it flew by super fast. Today started as usual with boat lowering, then some more sanding and priming, more boat lowering, and then I did some studying and cleaning. I did go work out this morning before work, which was amazing! It was not easy to get out of bed at 5:30am, but completely worth it.

Now I am drinking a nice cup of coffee in my special “Africa Mug” that my family brought back for me from Africa. I love this time of day when I can relax in my rack, drink some coffee, write down my thoughts, and do some reading. I truly am blessed beyond my wildest imagination and am sad that I give in to complaining so easily. One thing I have been challenged and convicted about lately is the food situation on board. True some nights are scary with what we are served, but I am just blessed to have three meals a day---I should not resort to complaining about food along with everyone else. What is the point of sitting down, thanking God for the food, and then complaining about it?! It makes no sense at all, but the bottom line is God says in His word not to complain and so I should not complain. Instead I have been making a point to go back to the different FS’s (food service specialists) and mess cooks and thank them for their work and the meal they prepared. That has been my challenge for the past couple days.

Tomorrow I am back on schedule for helm and look out watch (not a break in this time though!). So I will be a little more busy. I just hope I remember how to do it all!

Rejoicing in the Living Spring that satisfies my thirst within.
Forsaking all to follow Christ to mortify sin and find true life.
Marked with the Name that is above all names
Called to suffer while darkness reign.
But someday soon I’ll be at my Savior’s side---finally home with Him who died.

Midgett Adventures~ #19 Line Handling & Heart Handling

February 10, 2010

We moored up to Cherry Point, Canada again today to offload trash and sewage. I got a lot of practice with the lines today. I was secondary heave line thrower---one of the BM2s was the primary. We were having a hard time making it to the dock so when they gave the order for us to put over line two; we were still a good ways off with the wind against us. He threw his over but it did not make it---so I threw mine over but it did not make. We quickly pulled both heaving lines back in and made them up. He threw his and it made it but the people on the pier did not grab it in time and the wind rolled it right off again. So I threw mine over and roped the mirror of a truck! Next, I filled in as bit man for line one, making up the line on the bits into figure eights. I sure had fun even though it was a little stressful at the moment.

I began reading in Acts this morning. The joy and encouragement I receive from God’s Word is beyond words. He strengthens me for each new moment and reminds me that He is always at my side. He has me and He is not letting go! I have also been encouraged by a book I am rereading, “Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret”. Awesome book! It definitely is a must read kind of book.

Today I was thinking about all the things I am looking forward to when we arrive back in Seattle. I think a trip to Seattle’s Best would be amazing. Sit down with a nice tall cup of coffee, free wi-fi, face book, and get caught up on some blogging. Sounds good and I cannot wait! Yet I am so thankful that the Lord has given me the opportunity to be underway. I have been learning so much practically on the job as well as spiritually. God’s Word has become so much more precious to me these past several weeks, and I truly have been forced to rely upon Him in new ways. All the crutches I lean on for support have been knocked down. I do not have my Seattle’s Best to retreat to, my phone does not work so I cannot call home, I am stuck on this boat without a place to escape to, I do not have wi-fi. God has taken me back down to the basics…meaning that all I have to turn to for comfort and strength and help is His Word, which is the only true source of comfort and strength there is! And what amazing help and comfort I receive as I read the Bible! My soul is refreshed and replenished.

My challenge to myself, to all who read this blog, and to Believers everywhere is this: do not lose your first love! Do not get so busy with life that you forget how precious Jesus is, do not get so busy serving Christ that you forget to spend time with Christ, do not fix your eyes on earthly treasure when Jesus is the greatest treasure, and do not lose sight of the One who gave His all so that we can know Him. My prayer is that God does whatever it takes to make me like Jesus. He is my all, my treasure, my greatest good. I will and must be spent in this life for I am not my own. May I be completely and thoroughly spent for Jesus; poured out and broken for my Lord.

Midgett Adventures~ #18 Qualified!

February 8, 2009

Today has been a momentous day. This afternoon after we got underway again from a weekend at anchor, I took my helm and lookout practical and board. I was so nervous as I took my practical, and I made so many mistakes. I had to keep telling myself not to give up, but to keep going even though I felt like I had completely blown it---but I passed! Basically the practical comprised of me taking and executing helm commands, going through steering and gyro compass causality drills, and answering certain questions. My oral board went much smoother. A Boatswains mate third class (E-4) and two senior seaman gave me my board and basically just went through my packet and asked me questions about flags, light configurations, how to repot a contact during lookout, what I’d do in certain situations, what I’d do if there was a man overboard, etc. I am qualified now! I am so excited. No more double watches anymore for right now at least! All praise goes to the Lord!

I remember back three months ago when I was completely overwhelmed when I found out what I would have to get qualified in. I did not think I would get it all done, but God has sustained me every step of the way and now I am qualified and can put my name on the advanced training school list. What a God I serve who does not leave me alone but helps me through all of life no matter what I am going through. He brings the joy, trials, troubles, stress, fun times, and everything for His own good purpose to bring Him glory and us joy. He draws us closer to Himself by showing us that we are not enough---only He is enough. These past three months have been crazy! Through it all the Lord has held me by His grace and sustained me with His love. The peace He has filled my heart with can not be explained and it is beyond comprehension. All I know is that a quiet, joyful peace abides in my heart because I serve the Almighty God who is over all. I see everything about my life differently than everybody else---I see the hand of God in everything, and it fills me with joy.

God’s lessons are hard and they hurt, but the joy He gives is deep and it does not run out. I am not living for this life, which is a vapor that will not last---I am living for eternity; I am living for the Almighty God who has saved me.

Midgett Adventures~ #17 Busy, Busy, Busy!

February 6, 2010

Life has been very busy lately, and I find that I never seem to find too many dull moments. This past week a normal day rather looked something like this:

6am-Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and read my Bible
7am-Go to helm & look out watch for four hours
11:30am-Eat Lunch
12:30pm-Quarters (everyone on board musters/gathers on the flight deck for accountability and to hear the pass down from the CO & XO)
1~4pm-Finish up the workday, study, do clean ups, boat lowering detail, etc.
5pm-Eat dinner
6pm-Study for my helm & look out practical and oral board
7pm- Go to helm & look out watch for four hours
12am-Hit the rack

I do get a lot more down time here and there now as opposed to when I was mess cooking; but the double watches can be kind of exhausting. I do enjoy watch. When I am at the helm, I am the one steering the ship as the CONN gives me helm commands. They will sometimes say, “Helmsman right standard rudder.” And I will say, “Right standard rudder aye.” It is fun but at times, it can be quite stressful. I really enjoy lookout because we are up on the flying bridge (our version of a crows nest) keeping a look out for contacts. I enjoy the fresh air and being out under the stars.

I did pass my Basic Damage Control test, which means that once I am qualified in helm and look out I can put my name on the “A” school list come the beginning of March. I have had a change in plans as far as what rate (job) I want to go. I had been thinking Yeoman (more administrative work), but now I have changed my mind and am going Boatswains Mate like my dad. God used this passed month to direct me away from going Yeoman and think about going in a different direction. Boatswains Mates are in charge of the upkeep of the boat, driving it, search and rescue, law enforcement, etc. I am praying and hoping to go to “A” school and then be stationed at a small boat station where I can work on small boats doing search and rescue---that is my dream. I decided that I just did not want to spend the rest of my time in the Coast Guard behind a desk. I want to be out in the action: saving lives, working hard, learning new skills, drive boats, and a whole lot else. I am continuing to commit it to the Lord in prayer and wait on Him to direct and lead me wherever He wants me to go.

In my Bible reading, I have been continuing through the Gospels. I am reading in the book of John right now. I am thoroughly enjoying reading about the life of Christ and pray that God will continue to make me more and more like Him. I am learning to ever be trusting and relying upon the Lord for strength and courage to continue on the path that He has placed me. He is my hiding place and He is my shield. How precious His Word is to my heart as I am here on this patrol. I do not have much time to feel homesick, but it can be very lonely and knowing that the Lord is my helper makes my heart rejoices.

During one of my watches, I was thinking about the things God has impressed upon my heart the passed several months. When I first came to the Midgett, He sustained me and filled my heart with such explosive joy. A joy that could only come from Him. Now as I look over this passed month being under way, I am impressed with the peace God has placed in my heart that truly surpasses all understanding. He sustains me every step of this journey. I am not on an easy road nor is it well traveled, but the Lord is at my side, He holds my hand, and because He is with me, I shall not be afraid. He has made me His…so I press on with joy.

Midgett Adventures~ #15 Back To Deck Force

February 2, 2010

I am back on the deck force once again. This morning was not the happiest for us deckies, seeing as how half of deck force did not show up to muster on time. So we were punished and sent down to the engine room to clean out the bilges and paint. I did not think it was that bad, and enjoyed a change of pace from mess cooking.

This afternoon we set special sea detail and pulled out of Victoria. I was on line two and helped fake out the lines. I also took down the Union Jack and put of the Speed pennant when the whistle was blown. I have next watch tonight (8pm-12am), and will be heading to that in about an hour. I am kind of nervous about it all but eager to get started and get qualified in helm & lookout watch.

Right now we are headed to Vancouver, Canada to conduct Olympic security. I am glad that we are back underway, and we will be underway for the next thirty days…whew! It can seem overwhelming, but I am determined to take it one day at a time in the Lord’s strength and not in my own. He will sustain me and give me the strength to get through and honor Him. He is my helper and the lifter of my head.

Midgett Adventures~#14 What kind of "Full" Is Your Life?

January 31, 2010

Most people live full lives, at least as full as they want to; but the question is still left unresolved: “Why are people not happy?” If everyone does what they want, has what they want, and buys the rest, why are they still left empty? I see a sea of people who live full lives, but still remain empty because what they have filled their lives with cannot satisfy their hearts deepest longing. God is the only one who can fill the void in our lives; not friends, work, drinking, sex, music, or fun---only God can satisfy our hearts.

As I observe unbelievers it is almost like they violently grab up all they can in this life, coming away with full hands, but empty hearts. I have found that living for Christ does the exact opposite, my hands are empty---earthly comforts are stripped away---but my heart is full and satisfied in the love of my Savior. At times I am tempted to be like everyone else and join in with the crowd, but God so graciously reminds me that though these people’s lives appear full, their hearts are empty. I am the one with the true treasure and joy. It is in these moments of quiet reflection that I nod my head and set my face as flint toward my goal of making much of Christ because I see that His love is better than life. His love is better than the warmth of family and friends; than comfort and security; than recognition and approval. His love is better than my health, hopes, dreams , and plans. And His love is mine, which is why my heart is full. I am happy not because of my circumstances, my job, or my friends; but because Jesus has filled my heart with His love, which is better than life.

Midgett Adventures~ #13 Better than Life

January 31, 2010

I am on day sixteen of my first official patrol---about forty days to go! God is certainly teaching me so much, and challenging me in new and different ways. I thought I would take some time today and write down some of the things He has been teaching me so far.

Midgett Adventures~ #12 Battle

January 30, 2010

The casualties of the faith do not come from a lack of weapons and ammunition to combat the powers of darkness and our flesh, but from lazy-ignorance in not knowing how to use the weapons God has provided us with.

When I am out doing flight ops as a tie down crewman, some of the personal protective equipment we wear is a life jacket. Inside the life jacket is everything you would need to survive if something went amiss in a helo operation and somehow you found yourself overboard. The jacket contains things like a flashing strobe light, flares, a knife, a whistle, and a reflector mirror. The jacket has everything I would need to survive if something bad happened but it would prove to be of no use if I do not know what it contains and how the equipment works.

The same is true in a Believers life. God has given us His Word---the Sword of the Spirit---so that we can fight the good fight and combat the powers of darkness and our sinful flesh. However if we do not know God’s Word and how to use it than it will prove to be useless to us when we are faced with trials and temptations; not because God’s Word is useless, but because we do not know how to use it.

Now is the time to learn how to wield God’s Word---not when the heat of battle is upon us, but before we enter the fight. We need to be in God’s Word, know it, hide it in our hearts, and make it our priority to study it. If we leave our Bibles on the shelf to collect dust when we are enjoying the days God’s gives before battle then that is all they will do when we are in the midst of battle. But if we use them now and hold them dear to our hearts, then God will use His Word, which is hidden in our hearts to cut as a double-edged sword at the fears, doubts, temptations, and enemies we will face as we press on heavenward.

The time to be in God’s Word is now---the time to prepare for battle is before it ever begins.

Midgett Adventures~ #11 Securing for Sea

January 29, 2010

All of us who are true Believers will face storms in our lives. Days will come when the waves of life will rock our faith until it seems that we will not be able to escape the tempest that surrounds us. However it is at such crucial moments in our lives that we find out what our hearts are anchored to. When we hit bedrock and all is striped away usually is the very times we realize that all that truly matters is Christ and He will never leave us nor forsake us.

Probably about a month ago is when all of us here on the Midgett began seriously preparing for this next patrol---what I mean by preparing is actually what we call “securing for sea”. We took as much line as we could find and tied down everything within sight so that it looked like one giant spider had turned the inside of our boat into a spider web. We made sure that everything was ready to take the storms and waves that would be awaiting us once we got out to sea. If we waited until we were in the midst of the crashing waves it would be too late and equipment would get broke and people would be hurt. The time to secure for sea is before you go. I think this lesson can also carry over into a Believers life as well.

We know the storms of life will come and so we should rightly prepare for them. The time to get ready to face the awful force of a sea gale is not when you are in the midst of it and thirty foot waves are crashing your boat here and there. No, the time to prepare and “secure for sea” is before you get anywhere near the storm. Spend time in God’s Word preparing Your heart to meet the temptations and opposition that you will face in a fallen world, be disciplined in prayer so that you are ready for the attacks of the powers of darkness and your flesh, meditate and treasure God’s Word in your heart so that you may not sin against the Lord. Secure for sea and be ready for the storms that are coming for surely they will come and only those who have put in the work beforehand will be prepared when the time actually comes.

During storms make sure your gaze is fixed upon Christ and not upon the waves. When you look at the waves fears and doubts will overwhelm your heart, but when your gaze is set on Christ all else will fade away. Keep what you have secured for sea secured. Do not stop reading God’s Word, meditating upon it, and praying to the Almighty One once you are in the midst of a storm. Yes you prepared beforehand, but all you did can just as easily be undone if you do not keep Christ central and first in your life.

Remember as you are in the midst of a fierce storm that it is not an accident nor a coincidence. God is the One who sends the storms into our lives and even custom makes them so that they are the exact storms we need. The One who is holding us through the pain and hurt---through the storm---is the one who lovingly ordained and bestowed it into your life. He has a reason and purpose even when we cannot see why He would do so. Do not get hung up on the “whys” but trust in God and look unto Jesus through the eyes of faith.

Midgett Adventures~ #10 Fight the Good Fight

January 29, 2010

I have mids tonight, so now I am off until 10pm except for some flight ops this evening. I am so glad to have some time now to pray and read my Bible. Today I have been feeling worn out spiritually…being a light in a dark place is not easy. Isaiah 41:10-14 are a tremendous encouragement to me as I press on heavenward.

So do not fear for I am with you; do not be dismayed for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand….I am the LORD your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear, I will help you…

As I read these verses my heart rejoices in the Lord that I am not facing this life alone; He is always at my side. He is my helper and my strength, and I will put my trust in Him. Daily I face the battle of renewing my mind in the Word of God so that I am transformed into the likeness of Jesus Christ…lest I conform to those around me who only know Him as a swear word. They cannot understand why He is so precious to me, and try to get me to “broaden my horizons” and stop isolating myself from the world. But they do not know that friendship with world is hatred toward God nor would they care. They cannot understand why I treasure Christ so much and they cannot see the worth He could ever hold, but I love Him…because He first loved me. He is my joy and His love is better than life.

So now I am going to the Word to be strengthened and renewed that I may be ready and able to fight the good fight of faith and not give in to the Evil One.

Midgett Adventures~ #9 Five More Days!

January 26, 2010

Only five more days of mess cooking for me! Then I’ll be back on the deck force. I had another good day of dishes and fun with my fellow Coasties. We did some more flight ops this afternoon and another man overboard drill.

God has truly upheld me and sustained me through all this mess cooking and puts such amazing joy in my heart. He is the reason that I get up every morning and go to work, He is the reason I do my work with a good attitude, He is the reason I joined the Coast Guard, He is the reason I am here on this earth to honor and glorify Him above all things. I am to be like the clouds in the sky that reflect the beauty of the setting sun, lighting up the sky with wonderful colors. The clouds only reflect the sun’s rays---they are reflecting something so much greater and powerful than themselves. That is what I am here on the earth to do---to reflect the beauty of God and point to Him on this boat. Oh, that when others see me that they would see Christ!

Midgett Adventures~ #8 Night Ops

January 25, 2010

I just got finished with night flight ops. It was so amazing watching the situate of the helicopter in front of the sunset! As I was taking it all in, my thoughts turned to how awesome and beautiful God’s handiwork is, but even better than that is the thought that it is only pointing to how awesome and beautiful God is.

Tonight I got to run out with my qualified tie down crewman and watch him clamp on the tie down to the helo and flight deck. We had to make sure to duck down so we would not get caught in the helo’s blades.

Tonight I have mids again---so I get to sleep in tomorrow! Fun times! I’ll probably do some reading (I need to do some studying) and some relaxing before tonight…maybe I’ll take a nap.

Midgett Adventures~ #7 Refueled

January 24, 2010

I was blessed with the opportunity to attend divine services today. The same Coastie who led the Bible Study Wednesday also preached a good message today. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

Today wasn’t quite as busy as passed days mess cooking since it was a Sunday. I was able to help out in the kitchen cooking! I prepared the lettuce for the salad bar with an aspiring FS (food service specialist), set frozen cookies on a cookie sheet to be cooked, and prepared the potatoes to be baked. I had lots of fun especially having as little break from dishes. This will be my last week as a mess cook for now at least. After this I’ll have to hit my quals hard and finish them up. It’s hard to believe I am almost there…God has been so faithful and good to me throughout this whole long process. He has been my strength and comfort as I have felt overwhelmed and worried.

We’ll be heading up to Victoria, Canada here pretty soon for a port call (only for a day though). After that who knows where we’ll be headed. We’ll be back onto the high seas, breathing in the beautiful salt air, and taking it all in! Such is life as a seaman.

I shall end this post with a note on what God has been teaching me so far on this patrol. I think the big thing He’s been challenging me is to not grow weary and lose heart in this race I am running as a Christian, but to fix my eyes and all that I am on Christ. I have been convicted and challenged to spend more time in the Scriptures, reading God’s Word but also studying it and memorizing it. Another thing that goes along with that, which God has been convicting me of is to not live today on yesterdays strength---in other words do not try to sustain my Christian life off the things I learned yesterday, but to continue learning new things. It’s easy to skip Bible reading and think that what I learned yesterday we’ll be good enough. You can do that for a while but soon you will starve yourself spiritually. So always live today finding strength from God’s Word.

Midgett Adventures~ #6 Flight Ops

January 22, 2010

We have left the calm waters of the Puget Sound and are headed into the straights. The waves are picking up and I definitely can feel the change as I sit here in my rack rocking back and forth. I hope I have secured all my things well enough so that they don’t roll around and break.

Today was another good day of mess cooking. Lots of dishes to be sure! I enjoyed doing flight ops on the afternoon again today. It was a nice break from the galley. The helicopter was doing touch and go’s so we just watched and we’re there in case they needed us. I got some good pics and video of the helicopter this time. I am really excited that I have this opportunity to become qualified as I tie down crewman. It is certainly is something I would never have seen myself doing.

Well tomorrow sounds like it is going to be a busy day of cleaning every nook and cranny. So I think I shall read some in my Bible and hit the hay. Right now I am reading through the Gospel of Mark, and I am thoroughly enjoying it. God’s word has become even more precious to me in the time I have been out to sea so far. What a great comfort it is for me to know that Jesus is with me right by my side. Fears bombard me at times, sin overwhelms me, but Christ sustains me through it all. He is my precious friend, my Lord and Savior, and the lover of my soul.

Midgett Adventures~ #5 Bible Study, Helo Ops & Green Chili

January 21, 2010

So here is my update for what has been going on the past couple days. Yesterday seemed like a very long day of mess cooking, but God sustained my heart and got me through the day. After mess cooking I went to a Bible study that one of the other, Christian Coasties led. Seven of us showed up all together---it was so wonderful being with Believers, praying and studying God’s Word. And to top things off for this patrol we’re going through the Pleasures of God by Piper! God truly blessed me with such a wonderful, refreshing end to my day.

Tonight I have mids again so I got off work early, which is a nice break. I am planning to get some extra rest, study for my quals, and just enjoy a little down time. Earlier after lunch, the Midgett conducted “helo ops” (Helicopter operations). I am breaking in as a Tie Down Crewman (one of the people who runs out after the helicopters have landed and ties them down or unties them when they are leaving) so I had a front row seat so to speak. It was amazing! One of the Coast Guard’s Dolphin helos did some touch down ops for training purposes. I was all decked out in a blue, flight-deck jersey, blue life preserver, and a cranial (helmet with safety goggles and ear protection attached). I am going to try to track down some pictures to post here soon.

Later tonight before mids, a couple of my fellow cooks and myself are going to have a green chili eating contest to see who can take the most fire! I am looking forward to our contest. I’ll keep you updated on the turn out.

So overall, though it has been a stretching and somewhat exhausting week, God has truly blessed me with so much to thank Him for. He has filled my heart with joy, filled my life with friends, and filled my days with work (Believe it or not, work is good! ). I am so glad He’s my Father and that He loves me unconditionally.

Oh, I almost forgot to write that I also got my page seven today for inport security (The paper that says I am qualified to be a security watch stander)! So exciting! Praise the Lord!

Midgett Adventures~ #4 Yes, I will Rejoice

January 19, 2010

Another day of mess cooking down and only a couple more weeks to go! I did have an amazing day though while I was mess cooking. I listened to a bunch of my Dad’s messages that I downloaded off the web before we set out. Oh, how good it was to be challenged and encouraged in the Word while working and doing what God has called me to do. I do complain a lot in my heart and wish I was enjoying the comforts of being close to home, but I have no right or reason. I am right where God wants me to be, doing exactly what He wants me to do. I may work long hours and do a whole lot of dishes, but God has so blessed me beyond what I deserve. He has given me some fun people to work with, messages to listen to, clothes to wear, food to eat, a bed to sleep in, a whole boat load of people to evangelize(!!!), and so much more.

Right now I am enjoying a few moments of thinking, reading, and writing before hitting the hay. I have another early morning awaiting me, but I am so glad I do not face any day alone. The Lord is always with me; comforting and encouraging me heavenward. I am also enjoying some amazing Arizona iced tea. I ran down to the “ship store” a little after I got off work and splurged a little. (You see here on the Midgett they have certain times when they open the “ship store”, which has candy, drinks, toiletries, and Midgett sweatshirts and t-shirts.)

Earlier today as I was washing dishes in the Scullery, I was thinking---what would I do if I found out that I would be stuck on the Midgett for the rest of my life working as a mess cook? Would I still be able to smile and find my joy in Christ? Would my heart be satisfied with Him or would I give up in despair? It sure would be a test of my affections to see where my treasure truly lies. Would I be able to say, “Blessed be the name of the Lord,” if all I hold dear and precious here on this earth was taken away from me, if I had to keep working as a mess cook, and if I was faced with such great disappointments? I know it would be tough if that happened, but my hope in Christ that this life is not the end and that someday I will be with Him is a beacon that shines bright in my heart. I am only a pilgrim on my way HOME. I guess I do not know what I would really do if all these wild things happened to me, but my prayer and hope would be that I would press on each day, knowing and rejoicing that I am held by grace---God’s grace.

Every Believer should examine what they’re finding to be their greatest treasure in life. Sometimes we’d want to say Christ, but that is not always the case. I know I too often say Christ is my treasure and then go out and live contrary to that. I place my hope and confidence in the things of this earth, in family, and friends. Life is not worth living without Christ. Without Him my heart would be empty and completely lost. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I can not get through a day without the joy and strength He provides. He is the greatest treasure ever! So I want to press on today in His strength seeking Him above all things. And if everything in this life was stripped away, I would rejoice that I will always have Christ---my greatest treasure and pleasure!

Midgett Adventures~ #3 Purpose

January 17, 2010

As I sit in my rack right now, trying to get some sleep before Mids tonight I have been thinking about how my life lately seems to consist of eating, sleeping, and doing a whole lot of DISHES! It does not seem like much to me, but it does take up every moment I have right now. What gives me hope amidst piles of dirty dishes though, is that God is using the dirty dishes, the long days, the late nights, the homesick & lonely moments, and the weariness I feel to make me more like Christ. He is always at work and is using this time to mold and shape my character. Yes, at times I feel that the width of my life is very small---all I do is dishes---but perhaps it is because God is focusing on the depth of my life.

Another thing though that I must not forget is that I am a servant of Christ, and He has called me to be His light here on the Midgett. He is the one who has placed me in the Scullery doing dishes and it is for His glory and my joy. Just like He placed Joseph in Egypt after his brothers sold Him into slavery, and placed him as a slave in Potipher’s house---so God has placed me here on the Midgett. It is not an accident or mistake, but purposed by the Lord before time began. So I shall work with purpose for He has purpose. I may not see the big picture right now, but I know that He does all things for good to those who love Him.

Midgett Adventures~ #2 Grace that is Sufficient

January 17, 2010

My strength shall certainly fail and my joy fade if Christ does not sustain my heart. I cannot serve Him as I ought, but thanks be to the Lord that His grace is sufficient for me. I have been washing dishes and cleaning today. I was able to step outside for a few moments and take some pictures and video footage. The scenery is beautiful! The waves rolling and crashing with giant blue mountains in the background. A thick white mist hung over them for awhile until the sun warmed everything up.

I have Mid Rats (Midnight Rations) tonight so I am off early so I can get some rest for that. God is teaching me so much, perhaps so far the greatest thing He has been teaching and reminding me of is doing my best at everything even the things that do not seem important like washing dishes. I am to work unto Him and so I continue washing not for myself, or anyone else, but for the Lord.

Midgett Adventures~ #1 Pulling Out

January 16, 2010

Looking back today seems to have been a very long day, but it went by fast. We pulled out from the docks around noon Special Sea detail was set and we all hurriedly made our way to our assigned lines (ropes that hold us to the dock). I was on line two, which is at the very front of the Midgett on the focsle. Excitement filled the air as people scurried around here and there making sure everything was ready before setting out.

I stayed busy washing dishes most of the day. After we left Seattle most of our sinks were secured so we could not use them, which made it interesting trying to wash dishes without a sink to wash them in, but we made do. And all the dishes are washed---it took us to 19:45 to do it though! I also had to do a lot of trash digging today because we have to separate plastic from paper and the idea did not quite catch on. So I had to pick out all the plastic spoons and forks and it was very gross! God gave me the strength though to do it and sustained me with joy in Him. He is good and so gracious!

Today someone asked me why I am so happy all the time---do I really like washing dishes and work like that so much. My answer to Him was that it is not what I am doing but who I am doing it for and I am doing it for Christ---He is the one who makes me happy. His response was: “So you’re one of those kind of people.” I smiled. Yes I am one of those kind of people. I pray that God will continue to use me here on the Midgett not to make much of me but much of Him. Oh that I would point these people to Christ! I shall continue pressing on in the strength of the Lord.

Destroying Our Idols

God's Will or Your Own?



Written for my family as they move to Cameroon, Africa to share Jesus love with the people there.

Rejoicing in all God has done.
In your lives, I see Him displayed
As your greatest treasure of all;
Your mission: to proclaim His name.

Fix Your eyes on Christ…Run hard to the goal.
Consider the work He has done, He has saved your souls!

Press on, HOPE IN GOD…IN HIS HANDS you are safe. UNDER HIS WINGS…you are held---
you are HELD BY GRACE.
Take up your cross, follow Christ, let His praises resound.
as you journey HOMEWARD BOUND.

Cheering you on as you go
As you make much of Jesus today,
Considering all else as loss
Compared to the Savior’s name.

Fight the battle of faith…stand firm in Christ.
Trust Him with all of your heart, give Him your life.

Press on, HOPE IN GOD…IN HIS HANDS you are safe. UNDER HIS WINGS…you are held---
you are HELD BY GRACE.
Take up your cross, follow Christ, let His praises resound.
as you journey HOMEWARD BOUND.

Praying for you in my heart.
May God’s sustaining grace push you on
To follow Christ outside of the camp,
Calling the nations to join the song!

Jesus is mighty to save
For while yet sinners He died in our place.
Shout---shout His praise For He has given us grace!

Press on, HOPE IN GOD…IN HIS HANDS you are safe. UNDER HIS WINGS…you are held---
Take up your cross, follow Christ, let His praises resound.
as you journey HOMEWARD BOUND.

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Waite Memories

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More Like Christ Music

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